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In the face of complex and changeable development situation, Minxuan Technology continued to strive for progress in a stable way. Aiming at the weaknesses in development, it forged long boards, patched up weak boards, and built bottom boards, vigorously promoted the transformation and upgrading of product quality and efficiency, strengthened the improvement of personnel skills, and enlarged the incentive and welfare efforts. Many employees won the May Day Labor Medal of Quanzhou City, the title of high-level talents of Quanzhou City and Nan'an City, Nan'an Craftsman and other honors, A number of technological invention achievements have won the Fujian Patent Award, the Gold Award of the 14th Korea International Invention Expo, the Gold Award of the 25th National Invention, etc., and continue to make positive contributions to public welfare undertakings.


In the face of the sudden COVID-19, all the Minxuan people united as one, overcame the difficulties and actively contributed to the local anti-epidemic. At the same time, Minxuan has also made remarkable achievements in the work. The company has been awarded as the Model Worker's Home of Fujian Province and The Integrity Demonstration Enterprise of Nan 'an City in 2020.
Many technical projects and application fields such as rotary joint for wind power generation equipment, rotary joint for high-temperature molten salt, and rotary joint for military multi-channel have achieved breakthroughs and improvements, and won the National Invention Entrepreneurship Award, Innovation Award, National Invention Gold Award and Fujian Patent Award.
Two industry standards Type, Main Dimension, Material and Marking of Rotary Joints and Safety Technical Specifications for High-temperature Rotary Joints led by Minxuan were approved and released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China.


The company was named the 2016-2018 spiritual civilization unit, and the company's party branch was awarded the advanced grass-roots party organization. In terms of research and development project,it won the Invention and Entrepreneurship Achievement Award, the Outstanding Achievement Award of the "Five Small" Innovation Competition for Millions of Workers, the Gold Award of the National Invention Exhibition for the Civil-Military Development and Innovation Competition,the Silver medal of Silicon Valley International Invention Exhibition in USA and Nuremberg International Invention Exhibition in Germany. In terms of personal growth of employees,one Nan 'an craftsman, one Quanzhou May Day labor medal,one Fujian May Day labor medal were added,and so far,the company has 13 high-level talents in Quanzhou and Nan'an.


Expand the office area. With the completion of the new complex building, the staff recreation room, gym, library, multi-functional meeting room, labor union office, model worker innovation studio and other places rise accordingly. The factory planning and cultural construction are more standardized. In the same year, the company won the title of leading enterprise of little giant of science and technology in fujian province in 2018, the gold and silver award of more than 10pcs of foreign and domestic invention exhibitions, newly added 3people as "quanzhou May Day labor medal", 12people as "nanan city introduces high-level talents", and 1people as national invention and entrepreneurship award and figure award.


Deputy Director Unit of Consulting Committee of China Standardization Technical Association on Machinery Industry, Deputy Secretary-general of China Working Committee of ISO/TC306 (counterpart working group of China), two working groups of National Professional Standardization Techniques Commission, Pioneer Enterprise of " Good-Conduct on Standardization " of Fujian Province, Science and Technology Award of Fujian Province, Outstanding Contribution Award of International Standardization on Foundry Machinery, Technology Progress Award of China Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seal Industry, Gold and Bronze Awards of EU International Invention Exhibition in France Strasbourg, Science and Technology Invention Award of Fujian Province, Gold Award of Nuremberg Invention Exhibition; three employees were honored "High-level Talents of Quanzhou City"; one was honored "Introduction of High-level Talents of Nan'an City"; Six staffs gained Labor Medal of Quanzhou City.


Science and Technology Progress Award of Fujian Province, Science and Technology Award of Quanzhou City, Excellence Award of Patent Award of Nan’an Science and Technology Award , honorary title of “2015 Employment Credit Enterprise of Nan'an City”, Golden Award and Silver Award of International Invention Technology Exhibition of Thailand “Inventor Day”, Silver Award of International Invention Exhibition of Paris, Silver Award of International Women's Invention Exhibition of South Korea, Second Prize of Outstanding Achievements of "Five Small" Innovation Contest for Million Employees , Silver and Bronze Awards of International Invention Exhibition of Nuremberg, Second Prize of Technology Progress Award of China Hydraulics Hydrodynamics Pneumatics & Seals Industry, Silver and Bronze Awards of 9th China International Invention Exhibition, Construction Award of Trade Union Demonstration Site of Nan'an Non-public-ownership Enterprises, executive director of China Invention Association.


An executive member of the council of China Packaging Federation, the secretariat unit of the working group on mechanical safety of the National Technical Committee on mechanical safety of Standardization Administration. Meanwhile, we won the prize of the golden and silver award of International Exhibition of inventions in 2015 in Paris, France and won the Industrial Technology Development Award of the China Hydraulics Pneumatics and Seals Association, the patent award in Quanzhou City and the technological venture leading talent in Quanzhou City in the same year. We got the Quanzhou City May 1 Labour Medal and so on.


The enterprise took an expansion project and moved to Nanan Fengzhou Taoyuan Industrial District, the the fist phase covered an area of 10 mu and the employees were extended to 118 people. In the same year, we were entitled as an innovative enterprise in Fujian Province. We founded the enterprise’s engineering research center of rotary joints. Also we got the Industrial Technology Development Award of the China Hydraulics Pneumatics and Seals Association and won both the golden and silver award of the International Exhibition of Inventions. We set up the co-culture base of the postgraduates in the Zhejiang University of technology. At the same time we are the vice general secretary unit of the National Technical Committee on Foundry Machinery of Standardization Administration, a member unit of the National Technical Committee on mechanical safety of Standardization Administration, a member unit of the Plastic Film of Subcommittee 2 on Plastics Machines of National Technical Committee 71 on Rubber and Plastics Machines of Standardization Administration of China.


We also found the Quanzhou City Intellectual Property Demonstration Base and the Technology Development Center of the Mechanical Seal Industry. We were entitled as a sample flat of the national scientific and technological independent innovation and enterprise management, one of the scientific and technological enterprises in Fujian Province and so on. Meanwhile, we are an executive member of the council of China Hydraulics Pneumatics and Seals Association and a member unit of the National Technical Committee of Standardization for Combustion Energy Saving and Purification.


We set up offices in Wenzhou and Foshan,establish foreign trade department for developing international market.


Our corporation reformed into the shares system to establish Fujian Minxuan Technology Stock Limited Corporation which expands the business operation as well as engages in the research and development, manufacture and sell rotary joints, metal hoses, siphon, carbon graphite and relevant auxiliary products.During the same year, we took part in the National Technical Committee of Standardization for Packaging and the National Technical Committee of Standardization for mechanical seal.We originated to research and develop the experimental bench of high temperature and high speed conduction oil rotary joints successfully.


We were assessed by the Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation Ministry of Commerce as AAA enterprise, won China's top ten integrity brand.


Our corporation was appraised as the leader of China (sealing) industry


We gained National authority detecting as quality of qualified products; China's top ten famous brand for rotary joint


Founder of Quanzhou Yujie Rotary Joints Metal Hoses Co.,Ltd in Licheng District,Quanzhou and Yujie brand.


Established a rotary joint processing plant in Yongchun;

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