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Li Hongting, Director of Nan'an Science and Technology Bureau, and his entourage visited Minxuan Technology for inspection and guidance

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On the morning of July 5, 2021, Li Hongting, director of Nan'an Science and Technology Bureau, Ni Zhiming, deputy director, and Wang Zongshun, section chief, visited Minxuan Technology for inspection and guidance. Our founder Zhu Bin warmly welcomed them.

The founder Zhu Bin first expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Director Li and his entourage on behalf of Minxuan Technology, and gave a detailed report to Director Li and his entourage on the company's operation overview, technological innovation, talent team training, standardization construction, etc., and led the visit Company R&D laboratories, standard verification laboratories, labor model innovation studios, employee activity rooms and other places to conduct on-site inspections.

Through in-depth conversations and on-site inspections with the founder of Zhu Bin, Director Li and his entourage learned in detail about the company’s achievements and bottlenecks encountered in the development of the company over the years, as well as the company’s production and operation and industrial planning, as well as the company’s steady development and management model. , A high degree of social responsibility and affirmation of the vision, courage and ideas in technological innovation, and at the same time high hopes for the future development of the company, and gave guiding suggestions. In addition, give important guidance to the provincial innovation center project that the company will declare!

In the new era, the status and function of technological innovation in promoting economic and social development have become more prominent. As market innovation entities, especially leading enterprises, leading enterprises and backbone enterprises, they must play the role of innovation entities. Minxuan Technology will also continue to take the initiative, dare to take responsibility, further consolidate the foundation for innovation, actively promote technological innovation, accelerate key core technology research, and contribute its own strength to the industry and regional development!

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