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Good news‖Fujian Minxuan Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded as an advanced unit of Fujian Province's "Ankang Cup"

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Recently, the Fujian Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, the Fujian Provincial Department of Emergency Management, and the Fujian Provincial Health Commission jointly awarded Fujian Minxuan Technology Co., Ltd. the honorary title of "2020 Fujian Province's "Ankang Cup" Contest Advanced Unit".

Over the years, Minxuan Technology has always adhered to the policy of “safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management”, attaches great importance to safe production, scientifically coordinates enterprise development and safe production, strengthens enterprise safety management, strengthens employee safety and health education and training, Maintain the safety and health rights of employees, promote the construction of corporate safety culture and other aspects, comprehensively implement policies and make precise efforts, actively organize the implementation of mass well-being projects, and apply incentive mechanisms and reward mechanisms to safety production activities to fully create "Everyone stresses safety. The atmosphere of the event for everyone to be disciplined. At the same time, as the undertaking unit of the Secretariat of the Mechanical Safety Design Subcommittee of the National Mechanical Safety Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC208/SC1), the company integrates the concepts of mechanical safety design and risk early warning into the existing production management work to enable the identification of hazards , Risk assessment and control are more scientific and comprehensive, and the development of enterprise safety management to be scientific, standardized and standardized.




Over the years, under the care and guidance of the superior leadership, and with the concerted efforts of all Minxuan people, the company has embedded the activities in normal management and achieved remarkable results through continuous and in-depth development of the "Ankang Cup" competition. Commented on the "Quanzhou Ankang Cup Competition Advanced Team" and "Quanzhou Ankang Cup Competition Winning Enterprise", the company's party branch won the "Advanced Primary Party Organization", and the League Branch won "Nan'an City's May Fourth Red Flag Group (General) Branch", The labor union has also won many honors such as "Fujian Provincial Model Workers' Home" and "Quanzhou-level Advanced Workers' Home". The affirmation of the safety production management work and the achievements of the "Ankang Cup" competition is a driving force for further strengthening the safety production management, boosting the company's safety, high-quality development, and improving the "Ankang" happiness index of employees.

Safety work has a long way to go, and safety responsibilities are heavier than Mount Tai. In the future, Minxuan Technology will continue to work hard, stick to the red line of safety development unswervingly, strengthen the basis of safety production without losing the pattern, establish a firm awareness of safety production, continue to innovate, and promote safety work to a new level!

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